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4 Signs a Senior Loved One Needs In-Home Care

4 Signs a Senior Loved One Needs In-Home Care

Can you still recall the last time you went to visit your senior loved one? How was your elderly parent back then? Did they seem unwell?

A Victorious Home Care suggests that you should consider in-home care for a loved one if:

  1. They have a risk of losing balance and falling.

    Fall hazards are present in our homes in many ways. They can be a stack of books in the corner, an untidy tangle of electrical cords, or even an overly excited pet. It can be any item that may challenge a loved one’s mobile stability. This is dangerous because falls can cause serious injuries to the elderly.

    A great way to avoid this is with the help of home care services. We can take care of light housekeeping and keep walkways clear of obstructions.

  2. They have a series of unfinished chores.

    When you live alone, maintaining the upkeep of a home can be difficult. This doesn’t seem all that alarming at first — until, of course, the number of tasks piles up one after the other.

    Keep your loved one safe from these stresses with the help of home care. Our caregivers can extend support and assist them in finishing tasks for the day. As a result, your loved one can continue to remain productive despite their old age.

  3. They have a noticeable change in appearance.

    How does your senior parent usually dress? Do they still look as well-kept as they had been years back? If not, then it’s a warning sign that tells you there is a need for home care services.

    Seniors have a hard time maintaining their physical appearance due to limited mobility. Even the simple task of reaching up to comb one’s hair becomes a struggle. Thankfully, you can make things easier for them with our personal care services in Greensboro, NC.

  4. They have a tendency to lean toward isolation.

    There’s nothing wrong with living alone. However, living alone for too long with human interaction can’t be too good. A lack of social interaction can dull one’s senses. It can affect one’s memory, mood, and health altogether.

    Thankfully, there is a way to go around that. With in-home assistance from us, your senior loved one won’t be alone anymore. We also give companionship and share meaningful conversations. The social interaction is a regular part of the services that we offer.

Don’t wait too long to get nursing care services in Charlotte, NC!

The sooner you obtain our help, the better. We have expert caregivers who can assist your loved one with their needs. Light housekeeping, mobility assistance, companionship — you name it; we have it all covered. If you’d like to know the specifics, check our website. We have a whole section which explains the type of services that we provide.

Of course, you can also give us a call or leave a message down below.

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