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5 Elderly Personal Care Tips Every Caregiver Should Apply

5 Elderly Personal Care Tips Every Caregiver Should Apply

When it comes to personal care, a caregiver should always make it a point to support the aspirations and goals of the individual requesting for the service. This is what providers of personal and nursing care services in Charlotte, NC are all about these days. If you happen to be in need of these services, consider A Victorious Home Care as your potential provider.

Personal care should also center on preserving an individual’s independence by recognizing their potential and where they need help in. An initial meeting where client and caregiver are present must always take place before the rendering of any kind of personal care service.

Here are tips to help ensure quality personal care for the elderly:

  1. Create a peaceful and calming atmosphere

    A person who is about to be given a bath by another individual may feel a bit embarrassed at first. They’ll feel ashamed about needing help and maybe hesitate to accept it. Perhaps your loved one could be so against receiving the help that they would resist with all their might. Maintain your patience with your loved ones and slowly reassure them with a calming voice. This will distract them from the fact that they require help in the first place.

  2. Talk to the senior about what you have planned

    An elderly person, more often than not, does not want to be caught by surprise. It’s so much more reassuring for these individuals to know and be ready for what’s coming.

  3. Establish the ideal routine or schedule

    What works best for the person you are caring for? Do they want to take a bath daily or just three times a week? What would be ideal for them given their functional limitations and medical conditions? Make sure to find the answers to these questions before devising a schedule.

  4. Consider a person’s independence at all times

    Personal care should be about knowing an individual’s capabilities and letting them experience doing activities they can manage on their own (while keeping a close watch, of course). This helps preserve independence in the best possible way. A provider of personal care should be able to deliver everything from minimal supervision to complete hands-on assistance.

  5. Home safety and fall prevention methods should be applied from the get-go

    For an elderly person in need of care, it’s especially vital to maintaining a clean, organized, and safe care environment. Bath time is especially dangerous as it exposes a senior to the slippery surfaces of the bathroom. Remove any mats that may slip from under their feet and wipe slippery floors dry before entering.

Take advantage of the guidelines renowned providers of personal care services in Greensboro, NC swear by! Consider A Victorious Home Care as your partner in care.

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