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Home Areas That Nurses Can Check to Prevent Accidents

Home Areas That Nurses Can Check to Prevent Accidents

Nurses help us maintain our safety at the hospital and home. As we age, we’d want to be safe in our own home. As seniors, we don’t want to slip because of home features we overlooked. A nurse can help check our home’s safety and can help change a few things.

To stay safe at home, having a nurse by your side can help you improve some things at home like:

  • Floors
    Are your floors safe and slip-resistant? Part of our nursing care services in Charlotte, NC is to check for home features such as your floors. Professionals can check the safety of your home. In the absence of a professional evaluation, nurses can spot accident-prone floors. Nurses can help you decide on better floors or suggest tips to make your floors safer.
  • Railings
    Sometimes we’d want to stay active and feel like we can walk a mile. It’s good to be positive and stay positive with our health, but we also have to think of our safety. Nurses can tell you that a lot of accidents among us seniors involve accidental falls and slips. Hand railings with good grips can help us prevent accidents. They can even add to our convenience.
  • Kitchen features
    We may be keeping hard-to-reach supplies in our kitchen. Nurses can give organization advice on the storage of our kitchen amenities. A Victorious Home Care trains nurses to help keep us safe at our homes.
  • Furniture
    Our back and neck pains can be due to our uncomfortable home furniture. Nurses provide us with more comfort by seeing that our resting area is comfortable. A nurse can help you get comfortable by placing added support on your back. Other areas that need more support are also evaluated by our nurses.

Nurses help you coordinate with professionals that asses your home and improve it. Installation of accident-preventive features at your home can help keep you safe. Having personal care services in Greensboro, NC can improve your comfort. We also offer you health services at home. Visit our online portal to check the areas we serve.

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