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Knowing Social Isolation Among Seniors

Knowing Social Isolation Among Seniors

Social withdrawal or isolation is sadly a common thing among seniors and what’s worse about this is that it can lead to serious consequences in their health. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 11 million, or 28% of people aged 65 and older, lived alone at the time of the census. Additionally, more and more older adults do not have children, reports the AARP, and that means fewer family members to provide company and care as those adults become seniors.

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Listed below are the possible causes of social isolation among seniors:

  • Physical and mobility impairments.
    Seniors tend to worry over their disabilities, especially when they realize they can’t do the things they used to do before. By asking the help of providers of personal care services in Greensboro, NC you can provide your loved ones the assistance they need daily.
  • Cognitive decline.
    It is an established fact that the more you get older, the more your cognitive ability declines and this is one of the factors why most seniors don’t’ feel like socializing with other people.
  • Living alone.
    This brings a great impact on making seniors isolate themselves which leads to worsening their physical condition.
  • Loss of loved ones.
    Most seniors experience a hard time coping up with the loss of their loved ones. That is why most of them prefer to spend time alone without talking to anybody. However, it can also be dangerous to your seniors.

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