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Safely Guard Your Families at Home


In the age of technology and easy media availability, a number of home accidents have been recorded or even prevented by Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV).

Some, however, have documented least satisfying news for families. Some video clips have shown how mercilessly one family member can be at the hands of their home care provider. We may think that we are helpless because of our circumstances but with the right choices, we are capable of taking action from letting these crimes take place.

In A Victorious Home Care, just like the camera we keep on our loved ones, we can assure and provide our beloved patients the security and love they seek from a healthcare provider. With a familial approach to caring for our patients, we comprehensively understand how important it is to give the same kind of attention a family gives to their family member who is in need of assistance.

Our licensed and certified team of professionals are ready and able to ensure the following:

  • Care for Homebound Individuals
  • Guide them with daily activities
  • Create Meal Plans and Diets
  • Assist with Household Duties
  • Housekeeping Assistance
  • Medical and Personal Supervision
  • Reminders on Medication Intake
  • Accompany Individuals

and the choice of:

  • In-Home Assistance
  • 24/7 Live-In Assistance

We do not necessarily need to change our lifestyle to take in new changes that happen to us. We only need people who understand us and can extend a hand to hold for us to get through these changes together.

For a system that simply works, you can rely on the services that A Victorious Home Care offers.

With our 14-years of patient home care expertise, we have developed a culture where we are guided to provide families the optimum kind of life that elevates their wholeness and total well-being.

We currently offer nursing care services in Charlotte, NC and personal care services in Greensboro, NC. We have also extended our health services in Gastonia, NC to be able to assist you further.

If you know a friend who is in need of our service, extend a hand by sharing this page with them and let them know you care!

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