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Things to Keep in Mind in Taking Care of Your Elderly Loved One

The idea of taking care of an elderly loved one in the family might scare some of the family members. Most of them are afraid that they might make things worst that instead of helping their loved one, they might worsen their condition. Our health services in Gastonia, NC here at A Victorious Home Care … Continue reading

4 Benefits That Seniors Enjoy from Casual Conversation

Do you like talking? Everyone has a different preference when it comes to engaging in conversation. But, did you know there are a couple of benefits that come with it too? Specifically for seniors, A Victorious Home Care shares how conversations can be more than just talking to another person. It keeps them socially active. … Continue reading

What You Stand to Gain from Having a Private Duty Nurse at Home

Boost your elderly loved one’s comfort level at home by hiring a private duty nurse! For most people, staying at a hospital would be the last thing they want. Not only is it exhausting, but it can burn through your bank account like nobody’s business. Well, one thing’s for sure, your loved ones deserve better, … Continue reading