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Knowing Social Isolation Among Seniors

Social withdrawal or isolation is sadly a common thing among seniors and what’s worse about this is that it can lead to serious consequences in their health. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 11 million, or 28% of people aged 65 and older, lived alone at the time of the census. Additionally, more and more … Continue reading

Things to Keep in Mind in Taking Care of Your Elderly Loved One

The idea of taking care of an elderly loved one in the family might scare some of the family members. Most of them are afraid that they might make things worst that instead of helping their loved one, they might worsen their condition. Our health services in Gastonia, NC here at A Victorious Home Care … Continue reading

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Home Areas That Nurses Can Check to Prevent Accidents

Nurses help us maintain our safety at the hospital and home. As we age, we’d want to be safe in our own home. As seniors, we don’t want to slip because of home features we overlooked. A nurse can help check our home’s safety and can help change a few things. To stay safe at … Continue reading

Benefits of Having a Private Nurse

As seniors, having a nurse by our side when we need them makes our lives more comfortable. We get to do more things under guidance and safety protocol. Having a private nurse allows us to run errands. It helps lessen hospital visits given we’d have better care at home now that we have a nurse. … Continue reading

4 Signs a Senior Loved One Needs In-Home Care

Can you still recall the last time you went to visit your senior loved one? How was your elderly parent back then? Did they seem unwell? A Victorious Home Care suggests that you should consider in-home care for a loved one if: They have a risk of losing balance and falling. Fall hazards are present … Continue reading

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4 Benefits That Seniors Enjoy from Casual Conversation

Do you like talking? Everyone has a different preference when it comes to engaging in conversation. But, did you know there are a couple of benefits that come with it too? Specifically for seniors, A Victorious Home Care shares how conversations can be more than just talking to another person. It keeps them socially active. … Continue reading