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5 Home Safety Tips for Seniors

5 Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Most of us will probably agree that there’s no place like home. But the question is: is it safe for your loved ones to stay there?

As one of the premier providers of nursing care services in Charlotte, NC, A Victorious Home Care knows how important it is to maintain a safe home environment that allows for comfortable, familiar, and secure living.

To help your senior loved ones to age safely in their humble abode, take advantage of the following home safety tips:

  1. Reduce fall risks.
    There are probably a lot of fall hazards lying around the house. If you see any throw rugs, discarded furniture, or piled clutter, make sure to do away with them. Put in the effort to create a more open environment for loved ones who have restricted mobility to allow for easier access and maneuverability.
  2. Safeguard your home from fire.
    Eliminate any fire hazards within your home. You can do this by checking electric cords of appliances, putting out burning candles before leaving the room, changing batteries of smoke detectors, and reminding your seniors of what to do in case of fires.
  3. Bathroom safety is a must.
    Bathrooms are perhaps one of the most potentially dangerous rooms in the home for a senior loved one. Its slippery surfaces can be difficult for them to navigate without assistance. Here are what you can do to provide a safer, more secure bathroom for the elderly: use rubber mats, install handlebars, a walk-in model bathtub, a bathing chair, thermostat, and a hand-held shower head and, remove the mirror for the sake of patients with dementia.
  4. Remaining safe at home.
    Make sure to go over important safety measures with your elderly loved one. Talk to them about not opening doors for people who don’t look familiar. Installing a peephole in the front door can help with this. It’s also crucial to keep the windows and doors locked. We never know who’s looking to take advantage of a frail individual these days.
  5. Check in with your loved ones.
    If you happen to be busy, you can ask the neighbors to check in on your parents or grandparents for you, or have a professional caregiver pay them a visit and make sure they are safe. However, always make time to come visit your loved ones in their homes. Nothing beats family time.

A great way to ensure your loved one’s safety at home is to work with caregivers who provide personal care services in Greensboro, NC. Our professionals at A Victorious Home Care support seniors with their daily routines and self-care tasks at home. You can count on us to provide everything from minimal supervision to complete hands-on assistance depending on what your senior family members need.

Please feel free to share other home safety tips on the comment section below.

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