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Healthy Nutrition Tips for the Elderly at Home

Healthy Nutrition Tips for the Elderly at Home

As a person goes ahead in life, their nutritional requirements also get more varied. A senior person will have more nutritional adjustments as compared to their younger years. Age-related occurrences such as illnesses and disabilities may put them at certain dietary regulations, highlighting the changes of their nutritional needs.

Along with this, malnutrition is also a common issue in the senior years. Hence, when the senior person is not getting sufficient nutrition every time, their health can get complicated and their risks to falls also increase. Our team providing personal care services in Greensboro, NC encourages you to apply these tips when monitoring your aging loved one’s nutritional requirements at home.

  • Maintain a Well-balanced Diet
    Because your senior loved one needs a varied form of nutritional supply, keeping their daily meals on balance can help attain this goal. In compliance to their dietary recommendations, make sure that your loved one has a balanced serving of the five food representations, including fruits, vegetables, dairy, carbohydrates, and protein.
  • Provide Different Protein Sources
    As mentioned previously, protein foods help boost the nutritional values of your loved one’s meals. However, the lack of variety may result to their lack of appeal in eating, resulting to malnutrition. To address this, ensure that the protein servings are varied as the food options available. Serve fish one meal, then beans the next, and tofu the next. You can also consult with a dietitian who will help you provide health services in Gastonia, NC.
  • Determine Right Amount of Carbohydrates
    Some age-related illnesses, such as diabetes, will require for you to be watchful of your carbohydrate intake. Regardless of your loved one’s dietary restriction, carbohydrates are still needed in their daily meals. Just ensure that they’re taking the right amount in order to regulate their nutrition. Thee ounces of whole-grain cereals at least is a healthy consideration.
  • Look for Fortified Dairy
    Dairy products such as milk and cheese are also great sources of calcium for a senior person’s stronger bone growth. In addition to this, it will be ideal when their dairy servings are fortified with vitamin D, to continue on building their bones. With stronger bones, they can reduce the risks of falling, which can lead to other injuries and complications.
  • Opt for Healthy Fats
    Whether it’s you preparing the food or not, make it a point to replace animal-based fats with plant-based fats. Their oils don’t clog up the arteries, which helps improve a person’s heart health.

As you meet your nutritional needs, remember to supplement these with an active lifestyle. Our team providing nursing care services in Charlotte, NC can help you in making this happen. At A Victorious Home Care, you know that you have people you can trust who will back you up and ensure your quality life in the aging years.

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