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Helping Seniors with Bathing: 4 Things to Remember

Helping Seniors with Bathing: 4 Things to Remember

Helping senior loved ones take a bath is one of the most challenging aspects of senior care. This responsibility can be demanding for family caregivers. You do have the option to engage with providers of personal care services in Greensboro, NC. Care providers can assist your loved ones on your behalf. At the same time, you will also have to address awkwardness. It can be awkward for seniors to have someone else bathe them.

A Victorious Home Care is an agency that specializes in personal care. Here are four things we encourage you to remember when helping your senior loved ones take a bath:

  1. Establish a bathing schedule.

    Seniors do not need to take a bath every day. Bathing twice or thrice per week is enough. Know which days of the week you will be bathing your loved ones. It will be best to bathe them on days when you can get their full cooperation. This way, bathing will be less frustrating on both you and your loved ones’ part.

  2. Take the necessary safety precautions.

    Safety is a priority. The risks of your seniors falling inside the bathroom are high. So, you have to take safety precautions before doing the task. These may include installing grab bars on the walls and placing non-slip mats on the floors.

    You also need to prepare the bath supplies beforehand. This way, your loved ones will not be alone in the bathroom. A provider of health services in Gastonia, NC can help you in the preparation.

  3. Maintain your aging loved ones’ dignity.

    Help maintain their dignity by covering their bodies when bathing if possible. Put their towels on immediately after taking a bath. Do not leave them naked for too long.

    Make bathing less awkward by keeping conversations natural. As much as possible, do not talk about the current situation. Doing so will help them relax.

  4. Encourage self-care.

    If your aging family members still have the capability to do so, let them bathe on their own. This helps promote independence. Assist them only whenever necessary.

Our agency focuses on helping your senior loved ones ensure good personal hygiene. Apart from personal care, we also offer nursing care services in Charlotte, NC. Call us today to discuss your care needs.

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